About Montana

What are you passionate about?  Your job?  Your family?  Your health?  Traveling new places, or playing a sport, or perhaps a hobby of some kind?  What do you get out of bed for each day?  What is it that really drives you?

For me I’ve always loved helping other people.  Throughout the different phases of my career as a fashion model and TV host I was always looking for opportunities to positively impact those around me.  I found it so rewarding each time I could make a real a difference in someone’s life.  What began as a series of satisfying efforts helping others expanded over time and eventually turned into a complete life-coaching and nutritional-coaching business through which I’ve been able to make an even bigger impact on clients through personalized one-on-one sessions.

Bottom line – I simply love helping people!  So much so that for the past year I’ve been thinking a lot about taking all of this in a totally new direction as a way to reach many more people than I could ever touch through individual sessions alone.  I’ve been debating about starting this blog for some time… and even now as I write this initial post I can honestly say I really don’t know where it will all go or what kind of journey it will take us on together!

I find that we are all seeking balance in our lives. Happiness, fulfillment, peace, health & well being, etc… but how and where do we accomplish this?  To me it’s all about the balance between mind, body and soul.  I’m on a mission to help people find that balance… whether it’s adjusting a harmful mindset, achieving better health, or exploring the larger spiritual meaning of it all. 

I’ve been fortunate to have experienced a career that few people can even imagine.  The things I’ve seen and experienced (OMG you have no idea, LOL!)  I always said that at some point in my life I would give back and help, so if you find value in the information I share from my years of experience and research then this is my gift to you… no strings attached! 😉

Many of you know me well, but for those who don’t… first a little background.

I grew up in, you guessed it, Montana!  I was so fortunate and blessed to have had an incredible childhood and upbringing with parents that instilled confidence and strength within me as well as taught me the skills I’d need to survive the cutthroat industry I was headed into… Ready or not? Here I come!!!

After graduating high school, I made my way to New York City to pursue a career in the high stakes world of designer fashion modeling.  Now here’s the thing… my uncle is Joey Hunter who was at the time, the co-president of Ford Models.  So initially I moved in with Joey and his family and thus experienced dinners and functions at his home that included a never-ending stream of A-List actors, models, etc. (all the big names you know).  I was never star struck, that’s just not my thing.  But for me it did normalize being around these kinds of people and helped me see… they are no better or different than you or me or any of us!

The big irony for me is that I wasn’t looking to uncle Joey to pave my way into the Industry. He knew, better than anyone, what a rough and tumble scene it was where the vast majority of people ultimately sell their souls and end up years later spit out the bottom all used up.  For me though, it was never about becoming famous or feeding an ego.  I was content to go my own way, without tapping family connections.  They say it’s all about “who you know”.  Well I just decided to take another approach and do it on my own.  And I made it.

It wasn’t easy but I ended up signing with Karin Models in NYC.  I did work for a variety of high profile companies and appeared in numerous magazines including Fitness Magazine, Bon Appetite, and First Magazine as well as being featured in a major jeans campaign and doing catalog work for Old Navy and Lands End.  I was no stranger to live modeling either, and was frequently involved in runway projects for companies such as Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Robinson’s May.  It could often be a cold, superficial world, but nevertheless I was able to find my niche, block out the negative stuff, and simply thrive.  My success grew quickly and expanded to include television work for a variety of NBC and ABC programming, including talk shows such as The Dr. Phil Show, Soap Talk, and The Ryan Seacrest Show.  By then I was also being featured in numerous commercials campaigns for companies such as K-Mart, Martha Stewart, and Gateway Computers.

But all along the way I was surrounded by other models, many of whom would do literally anything to move ahead (and did!).  Drugs, alcohol, trading on their bodies and souls with anyone they thought could help them advance their career.  I’ve watched the #MeToo movement develop these past couple years and have thought to myself that people have absolutely no idea how bad it really is within this hyper-competitive niche.  No idea!  I’m proud to say I never participated in any of that.  I’ve never done a drug.  I’ve never even smoked a cigarette (a staple used by most models to stay thin).  And I’ve certainly never compromised my values.  But it made me sad… looking at all these women, empty, alone and wanting… they didn’t have help… they didn’t have support, they were missing a piece of life’s puzzle.  The piece to recognize their true selves… their true worth.  I knew I had to help, somehow… someday.

I loved New York!  But eventually I made my way to Los Angeles with the intent to crossover from fashion modeling into the world of television and TV hosting.  Hollywood here I come!!!  I signed with CESD models and continued doing fashion gigs and runway work until I eventually succeeded at cracking into the TV world and became the on-air host for “In The Mix” – yes!!!  I interviewed countless celebrities and covered an array of events for the entertainment industry.  It was having a blast doing events like the Ella Awards, where I interviewed such notables as LeAnn Rimes, Joss Stone, and Smokey Robinson, as well as cancer benefits where I met with Henry Winkler and Jane Katzmarek.  Whether it was the LA Music Awards, concert events, a Speedo corporate event, Lingerie Bowl, or Jerry Lee Lewis telethon, I absolutely thrived on bantering with the likes of Michael Phelps, Jose Canseco, Ed McMahon, or Gene Simmons.  I even hosted Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, interviewing the likes of Nicky Hilton, Megan Fox, and Kirstie Alley.

Hosting TV came naturally to me.  That’s not to say I wasn’t nervous or apprehensive in the beginning, but I think my “secret” was to just be myself.  Producers would often remark about my flexibility with both impromptu and scripted events and how I always came across in a genuine yet entertaining way, whether in front of a live audiences, or taped broadcasts.  I could step on to the red carpet and take on the biggest bitch around, right there on live TV, yet have them laughing and smiling in seconds.  I guess I just looked around and realized that pretty much everyone around me had pretty significant issues way beyond the average person, so what is there to be anxious about!  LOL… always stay grounded.  Be real.  Be you!

Along the path of of all my modeling and hosting, I also became a certified Nutritionist.  I was actually working in conjunction with the original Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach at the time.  They were wanting to expand their offering beyond the standard gym to include nutritional programs as well, so we got together.  I wasn’t exactly sure how the pieces would fit but after everything I had seen in the modeling world… the horrible unhealthy techniques girls would use to stay thin… mistakenly believing they had to sacrifice their health for success in Hollywood…  I knew that an education in nutrition was going to be part of the foundation I would need to help show people a better way.  Looking good and maintaining a healthy weight does not require fad diets, crutches and vices, much less more serious things such as fasting or anorexia!

As I began working with clients on nutrition, I observed a pattern with those that were simply unable to stick with a program.  They needed something more, something that a typical Nutritionist could never offer.  They needed coaching, to help them dig deeper and identify the obstacles in their lives that were preventing them from being successful in achieving their weight loss goals.

So, building on top of my nutritional education, I went back to work and engaged in additional studies at the International Coaching Academy (ICA) and became a certified Life Coach.  By combining these complementary disciplines I was now an even more effective “Nutritional Coach”.  Mixing my nutritional education with my career experience gave me a special skill set and unique credibility with my clients.  Not only did I talk the talk, I had literally walked the walk throughout my own career and could understand the challenges of staying fit and maintaining your weight, but doing so in a perfectly healthy and sustainable way.  As a result, I never asked my clients to do something I wouldn’t do myself on a daily basis!

People who are able to lose weight by simply eating healthy and adequately exercising don’t need a professional program.  Instead, I wanted to target a different group – those who had tried and tried, but had simply not been able to stick with a program and continually struggled to achieve their goals, or keep the weight off.  Rather than simply teaching them about good nutrition or developing customized meal plans, I was able to work with each client and delve into the emotional issues and challenges that were preventing them from being successful.  Once these obstacles were overcome, clients were amazed at the permanent and ongoing success they could then enjoy.


And that brings me to today…

Throughout my journey I have always wanted to give back, to help young women struggling with the same common challenges.  The pressures of my chosen industry were huge – emotional, physical and psychological.  But many of these challenges are experienced by women in all walks of life… and men too!

So without knowing where this will go, here’s what I’m committing to… I’m going to begin posting and sharing content that I’ve found valuable in my own life.  Content that my clients have said has helped them as well.  Some posts may be simple tips and tricks related to nutrition, but others will relate to general mindset… principles, outlook, purpose, and more… basically, whatever comes to mind!  I plan to post as frequently as I can manage.  If you like the content, please engage with your comments or questions.  Connect with me on social media… and by all means, please share these posts with others you feel could benefit!

This blog is for all those who are tired of running down the fox hole of online information, looking for answers, only to come out fragmented, with a heart still looking for more.  It is my life’s ambition to make a difference by bringing happiness to others. I’ve set my sights on empowering people everywhere to explore their own potential and reach for their dreams.  If you are seeking it, lets work together to rebuild a life based on an unshakeable foundation… mind, body, and soul.